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TSI College Readiness Exam

TSI Exam Information

What is the TSI?

The TSI is a college readiness exam required by state law before you can enroll in college level courses.  It tests your skills in Reading, Writing, and Math.

Am I exempt from the TSI?

ACT - Composite score of 23; at least 19 on both English and/or Math portions. Note that scores must have been earned in one sitting within the past five years.

SAT - New SAT: 530 on Math and 480 on EBRW (Evidenced Based Reading and Writing), no composite score. Old SAT: composite score of 1070 and at least 500 on Critical Reading and/or 500 on Math for tests taken after April 1995. Note that scores must have been earned in one sitting. Other scores apply to SAT tests taken before April 1995.

STAAR End-Of-Course (EOC): (End of Course Exam) English III - taken during 11th grade year, score of 2000 on Reading and 2000 on Writing, or 4000 if score is combined; EOC Algebra II - taken during 11th grade year, score of 4000.

These rules are subject to change by the Texas Legislature.

How can I practice for the TSI?

There is practice online at this website or you can download these sample questions.  

How do I sign up and when is the test offered?