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Athletic Training Student Aide Handbook

Graham High School
Athletic Training Student Aide Rules


The athletic training student aide program at Graham High School exists to help assist the staff athletic trainers in the prevention, treatment, care of injuries suffered by student athletes at Graham High School and the athletic teams of their opponents.  Graham High School athletic training student aides should possess the ability to work hard independently, think on their feet, and get along with diverse populations of people.  Academics and hard work are the top priorities for Graham HS athletic training student aides.  If a GHS athletic training student aide shows that they can’t handle their academics and or the work requirements for this job then they may need to evaluate if they can continue in this program.

Graham HS athletic training student aides represent many things and it is important that you understand this while comprehending these rules.  

You represent

  • Yourself

  • Your family

  • The other athletic training student aides

  • The staff athletic trainers

  • The GHS team you are with at the time

  • GHS Athletics

  • Graham High School

  • Graham ISD

  • Graham, Texas


We expect you to take pride in this and do the best job that you can do as you work day in and day out.  We also want you to understand that this is not all hard work with no benefits.  This is a fun activity that allows you to be around students with similar interests to you.  This is an activity that allows you to be a part of something important.  This is an activity that should you have a future career goals of being in a medical profession will benefit you.  We have had former students go onto be athletic trainers,  nurses, physical therapists, doctors, and dentists.  All of them tell me that they were glad that they did this in high school and how it benefited them.


Application Process

In the spring of every school year the staff athletic trainers will advertise at both the high school and the junior high for potential athletic training student aides.  The prospective students must fill out an application and turn it into one of the staff athletic trainers in the requested time period.  Because the Sports Medicine class doesn’t exist any longer any student who did not previously take the class is encouraged to take the biomedical science class. 

All athletic training student aides that are admitted or retained in the program will be notified prior to the end of the school year.  The high school counselors will then be made aware of the students in the program so that they may be added to an athletic period.  If the student’s schedule does not allow them to be placed in an athletic period for whatever reason the staff athletic trainers must be made aware of this.


Pre Season Responsibilities

  • In July of each year the athletic training student aides will receive notification of the important dates for the fall. 

  • At least one week prior to the first workout for football the entire athletic training student aide staff will be required to report to the athletic training room to set up and get all equipment up and running.

  • All athletic training student aides will work every workout for football beginning with the first day of fall practice.  At a point in time to be determined by the staff athletic trainers the athletic training student aides may be given a day off from working practice.  This day off will be so that the student can do whatever they need to do (doctor appointments, hair cuts, automobile repairs, etc) 

Off Days

  • Once athletic training student aides start receiving days off it is imperative that they are at practices on the remaining days.

  • athletic training student aides should inform their parents that any appointments or other scheduled items should be taken care of on your day off.

  • If because of illness or some other reason a athletic training student aide misses a workout prior to their day off that week they will be required to work on their day off unless prior arrangements are made with the staff athletic trainer.  

  • If a athletic training student aide misses a workout after their day off they will forfeit their day off the next week unless prior arrangements are made with the staff athletic trainers.

  • School approved activities (band, choir, theater, etc.) do not count as absences that will need to be made up and forfeiture of a day off will not be necessary.

  • If you are here on your day off we will assume that you are available for work and will be treated accordingly.  If you truly want your day off then do not hang out in the athletic training room or on the field.

Football Game Assignments

  • All athletic training student aides will work all varsity football home games.  Varsity road games and all Sub Varsity (Freshman teams, JV, and Soph teams) Thursday night football games will be assigned and the schedule will be posted on the wall in the athletic training room.  If a athletic training student aide can not for some reason work an assigned game it is up to them to inform the staff athletic trainers as soon as they know that there will be a conflict.

  • If you are not assigned to work a game then you have no business being on the sideline unless you are there in some other official capacity.

  • It is imperative that when a athletic training student aide is working a game whether it be home or away that they understand to not be a distraction.  The athletic training student aides are there to help the staff athletic trainers, coaching staff, and team members.  If they cause problems either through their words, actions, or attitudes disciplinary action will be taken.  If continued transgressions occur then removal from the program is probable.

Road Games/Bus Travel

  • You will travel to and from the game on a school bus for most road games.  

  • You will be expected to NOT be a distraction.

  • You should sit in the first seat behind the bus driver.  You are never to sit in the same seat with an opposite gender athlete.

  • Cell phone usage on the bus should be kept to an absolute minimum.

  • We take very seriously any complaints from the coaches regarding your behavior on the bus.

  • Unless there is a pre approved reason you must ride home on the bus. You can not ride home with a parent, friend, friend’s parents, or other family member.  Not wanting to ride the bus is not a good enough reason to ride home with your parents.



  • We do not assign one person to volleyball unless someone specifically requests it.

  • There will be a work schedule made for volleyball.  Each student will be assigned at least one week during the season where they will be responsible for volleyball and that includes game coverage.  

  • Students that are assigned volleyball must be at all games until their completion.  This may mean that they will miss some or all of the varsity football game.


Letter Jackets

  • Graham HS will purchase a letter jacket and “G” letter patch for all athletic training student aides that meet the requirements.  Any extra patches are the financial responsibility of the person ordering them.

  • Athletic training student aides will be able to order their letter jacket after completing three semesters in the program or during their senior year..  

  • You must be a athletic training student aide that is currently active and not on any suspension to order your jacket.

  • Any athletic training student aide who has dropped out of the program or is under suspension is not eligible to order a jacket.


Absences from game responsibilities

  • All absences from games must be pre-approved in writing by a staff athletic trainer.  It is the responsibility of the athletic training student aide to inform in writing to the staff athletic trainers.  Do not have a parent, other athletic training student aide, friend, front office, or athlete inform a staff AT.  It is your responsibility.

  • Excessive absences from games will result in removal from program.

  • The 2nd non pre approved absence from a game will result in probation.

  • The 3rd non pre approved absence from a game will result in removal from the program.



  • All athletic training student aides must wear school appropriate clothing for all practices and games.

  • When the weather becomes cooler it is acceptable to deviate from GHS clothing as long as one the staff AT approves the coat or jacket.

  • Approved practice clothing

    • School appropriate clothing should be worn at all practices unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

    • Flip flops, dress shoes, high heel shoes, or any other footwear that will make it more difficult to work are never to be worn at practice

    • Shorts must be acceptable length.  

  • Approved game clothing

    • For Thursday night sub varsity games the athletic training student aide should wear the assigned colored t-shirt that is on the game schedule

    • For Friday night varsity games the athletic training student aide should wear the issued game shirt for that season

    • For other sports the athletic training student aide should wear a shirt that was issued to them.  Preferably from the current year.

    • Flip flops, dress shoes, high heel shoes, or any other footwear that will make it more difficult to work are not to be worn at games.

    • We prefer khaki pants or shorts, but if jeans are worn they are to have no holes, worn spots, frayed ends, etc.  

    • Each week the student staff will come to a decision as to whether jeans or shorts will be worn.  All students must wear the same thing.

    • Ultimately it is the decision of the staff athletic trainers to allow you to represent GHS with a particular item of clothing.  If we disapprove of some article of clothing then that is the end of the discussion.

    • If a athletic training student aide is assigned to work basketball then it is acceptable for them to dress up and not wear an issued shirt.  If you have questions about what is acceptable and what is not ask one of the staff AT prior to the first game.

  • It is NEVER acceptable for you to give your issued clothing (t-shirts, sweatshirts, wind suits) to your friends for them to wear.  If they are seen wearing it in the school building one of the staff AT will take it from them immediately.  This will be embarrassing for your friend and for you.  We spend a tremendous amount of money to outfit you and make sure that you and the entire staff looks professional.  We want you to have pride in this program and the way you look.  Therefore it is never acceptable for someone not in the program to wear our clothing.  

  • You will be required to turn in all issued items other than t-shirts at the end of the year.  If they are missing or unusable you will be charged for them.


Cell Phone Usage

  • Cell phone usage during practice is discouraged.  Your cell phone should only be used in case of emergency during practices or games.  

  • You may carry your cell phone during road/away games, but it should only be used to communicate with one of the staff AT.  These communications can be either phone or text message regarding the score of the game, any injuries that were sustained by a player, or any question that a coach may have.

Athletic Period

  • All athletic training student aides are expected to be in an athletic period unless previous approval has been acquired from the staff AT.

  • The athletic period is for the athletic training student aides to prepare everything for that day’s practices or games.

  • During the athletic period it is not acceptable to go back into the school building without prior approval unless the gyms are being prepared for practices or games.

  • The Athletic period is not a time to work on homework unless everything is completed.

Behavioral issues in the school building

  • Behavioral issues in the school building will not be tolerated and if serious enough will result in removal from the program.

  • Minor offenses such as tardies, not taking supplies to class, or anything else that result in after school detention will be taken note of and if the offenses become habitual then suspension and removal from the program will occur.

  • Major offenses such as fighting, use of alcohol or drugs, or anything deemed major by a principal will result in suspension or possibly immediate removal from the program on the first offense.

  • School handbook policies regarding extracurricular activities will be enforced.

Activities outside of school

  • These activities could include, but certainly are not limited to, church responsibilities, a job, club sports, or other things.

  • It is understood that this is not the only activity that you as a athletic training student aide participate in.  This is good.  We like having well rounded people in our program with a variety of interests and friends.

  • While it is acceptable to be involved with multiple activities it should be noted that if being a athletic training student aide is always or almost always less important than your other activities then perhaps you should evaluate if you want to stay in the program.  If you do not make that evaluation then the staff AT may make it for you.

  • If you would like to have a job outside of school that is OK as long as it doesn’t affect your work schedule here.  

    • If you need to leave practice early to get to work then you will potentially not get a day off.

    • Make sure that your employer understands your responsibilities here.  If they do not want to schedule you around your athletic training student aide responsibilities and you want to keep the job then you will need to make a decision about whether or not you want to stay in the program.

School sponsored activities

  • It is completely acceptable to play a sport or participate in another school sponsored activity such as choir, drama, cheerleading or something else.

  • If you are participating in other school sponsored activities the staff AT and the coach or sponsor of the other activity will work on a schedule that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.  

  • If your other activity requires you to miss too much work in the athletic training program you may need to make a decision as to which is more important to you.

Drama in the athletic training room

  • We are decidedly anti-drama.  You need to solve your own problems.  If one of the staff AT has to solve your problems then you will NOT like the solution.

  • Remember there are two sides to every story.  While you make think that you are being wronged or oppressed no one else may see it that way.

  • Please leave your friends, brothers, sisters, parents, etc out of the drama.  No conversation that I have is more uncomfortable than with someone who is not involved in the issue and does not know both sides.

  • We do not need any athletic training room lawyers.  That means that I do not need any of the athletic training student aides coming to me to plead the case of another athletic training student aide or pointing out to me that I am unfairly treating someone else.

The Cart

  • This vehicle is here to help you do your job easier, faster, and better.

  • It can only be driven by athletic training student aides with a driver’s license.

  • It should only be driven from the barn to the field house and then to the practice field.  It is never acceptable to be in the parking lot with this vehicle.

  • Only TWO (2) athletic training student aides may be in the vehicle at a time and both must be in a seat. The only time it is acceptable for someone to be in the bed of the vehicle is if an injured player is being transported.

  • The vehicle should only be driven forward when driving to and from the practice field.

  • Extreme care should be used when driving on the track so as not to damage it.

  •  Any violation of the above rules will result in a loss of the usage of the vehicle for an indefinite amount of time for all athletic training student aides not just the offending person.

  • Multiple offenses by a single person will result in suspension or removal from the program.

Second sport

  • All athletic training student aides will work a second sport.

  • The second sport will be assigned by the staff AT with input from the student as to which sport that they would like to be assigned.  Ultimately the staff AT will make the assignment based on who they feel will be the best fit for the sport based on the athletes in the program, the coach of the team, and any other important factors.

  • Your second sport is no less important that football.  You are expected to be at every game, but not practices.  You may be, however, responsible for getting water and supplies ready for practice.

  • You should sign up for the group texts for the team you work with so that you know about game time or blue slip time changes.

  • Absences from second sport games will be treated no differently than that of football.

  • All other rules previously discussed are in effect for the second sport assignment.


  • This is the reason you are in school.  You must excel in your academics.  If there is no “student” then there is no “athletic training student”.

  • It is the expectation of the staff AT that all athletic training student aides will do the best that they can do every six weeks.  We sincerely hope that everyone in our program makes All A honor roll or at the very least A/B honor roll every six weeks.

  • The Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association has an academic all state award for seniors with a 92 or higher average.  

  • If a athletic training student aide fails a class for an entire six weeks period UIL rules will be followed.  The athletic training student aide will still be required to work practices, but will not be allowed to travel to and be on the sidelines for any games.  They can however attend the games if they purchase a ticket and sit in the stands.

    • Becoming ineligible is also the first step towards removal from the program.

  • If a athletic training student aide fails any class for an entire six weeks for the second time in a two year period they will be removed from the program for the remainder of the semester or the entire next semester.  

    • If a athletic training student aide is removed from the program for academics they must turn in all clothing and supplies that they have been issued upon entrance into the program.

    • If a athletic training student aide is removed from the program during their suspension they must pass all of their classes for the entire suspension period or they will not be allowed back into the program.

Social Media

  • Be aware that what you put on your social media can and will get you in trouble in the school building.  Where and when the event happened does not matter.  If it gets brought to our attention or the principals attention you will have consequences

Other Important Information

  • At this point in time masks or face coverings are not required while we are working.  If you would like to wear one then that is your decision, but it is not required.

  • Being truthful is very important.  Hopefully you do not want people to lie to you so it is important to tell people the truth.  Also remember that you live in Graham and we will probably find out if you are lying.

  • Being late to practices or games is unacceptable.  In our opinion showing up after a required time is unacceptable and you are, in effect, telling us that your time is more important than ours.

    • We understand that those of you that do not drive are at the mercy of your parents, but explain to them how important it is for you to be on time.

  • You will be required to help on occasion with tournaments, track meets, or events over the weekend.  This will not happen that often and we will notify everyone as soon as we know about the event. 

  • Make sure that you are in the Athletic Training Sports You group.  This is how we will communicate with everyone about schedule changes and other important information.

  • It is likely that either with football or your second sport that there will be practices or games will be held over school holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Break.  We do not expect you to miss a family trip, but we need to know in writing about these trips as soon as they are scheduled so that we can make our work schedule accordingly.


  • Confidentiality is a must.  You are not allowed to discuss any injury information with anyone outside of the athletic training room.  You may ask questions in order to learn for about an injury, how it happened, how it is cared for, and how it is rehabilitated, but you are not to disclose any information with anyone at any time.  What happens in the athletic training room, in the gym, on the field, or in the weight room, stays there.


SportsYou App

Everyone should have the SportsYou app on their phone and be subscribed to the Athletic Training page.  Important information will be posted in there.  When there is a new post you need to like the post.  That means that you have read it and understand it.  If you don’t understand something message Coach Carroll or Coach Gibbs on the app.  


It is a privilege and an experience to be a part of the Graham High School Athletic Training Program.  You will get to be part of and see many exciting events in your time as an athletic training student.  Take advantage of the opportunity before you.  Learn as much as possible.  You only have 4 years to be a part of Steer and Lady Blue history.  You will only get as much out of this as you put into it.  If, after starting, you determine that this isn’t something that you want to do then that’s OK.  Let either Me or Coach Gibbs know and we will make arrangements to get you out of the class.  If you stay in, however, we are going to assume that you want to be involved with the program and you are willing to do what we need/ask you to do.


Mike Carroll M Ed, LAT, ATC                                Amy Arnzen MS,  LAT, ATC
940-549-4277x1605 (office)                                   940-549-1504x1811 (office)
940-456-0967 (cell)                                                       


Please click on the following link to confirm both your acceptance and your parents understanding of the above handbook