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GHS Student/Parent Laptop Agreement

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Graham High School Student/Parent Laptop Agreement

1. Terms of the Laptop Loan Terms:
Students willpayanonrefundabletechnologyusagefeeof$50*($25reducedlunchstatus,$10,freelunchstatus),onor before taking possession of the property. You (student) will comply at all times with the Graham School District’s Parent/Student Laptop Agreement and Student Acceptable Use Policy, incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. Any failure to comply may terminate your rights of possession effective immediately and the Distr ict may repossess the property.

2. Ownership:
GISDretainssolerightofpossessionofthecomputer andgrantspermissiontothestudenttousethecomputer accordingto the guidelines setforth inthis document. Your rightof possessionanduseis limitedto andconditionedupon your full and completecompliancewiththisAgreement andtheStudentAcceptableUsePolicy.GISDretainstherighttocollectand/or inspectthe computer atany time, includingviaelectronicremoteaccess;andto alter,add ordelete installedsoftwareor hardware.

3. Self Insurance and Repair Fees:

GISD uses the technology usagefee to self-insurethe student 1:1 laptop program. Repairs to damaged equipment is the responsibility of the student/parent (repairs fees are listed below). GISD reserves the right to charge the student/parent the fullcostforrepairorreplacementwhen damageoccursduetogrossnegligenceasdeterminedbyadministration.Examples of gross negligence include, but are not limited to:

  •   Leaving equipment unattended and unlocked.This includes damageor loss resultingfrom equipment unattended and unlocked.

  •   Lending equipment to others

  •   Using equipment in an unsafe environment.

  •   Using the equipment in an unsafe manner.

    Ifthe propertyisdamaged,lostorstolen,youareresponsibleforthereasonablecostofrepairoritsfairmarketvalueonthe date of loss. Loss or theft of the property must be reported to the District by the next school day after the occur rence. Students/Parents areresponsibleforreasonablecostofrepairfordeliberatelydamagedlaptops(seebelow).

    Repair Fees:

$100 - 1st Liquid Damage will result in a discipline detention and loss of home use for 10 school days Fullcostofrepair-Repeated LiquidDamagewillresultinadisciplinedetentionandlossofhomeusefor30schooldays

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1st Damage / Loss of laptop case, keyboard, screen, etc. 1st Damage / Loss of charger adaptor
1st Damage/ Loss of computer bag
Loss of student laptop tag

$50 -
$50 -
$40 -
$5 -
* * * 2nd / Repeated damage or loss the fee is double ***3rdandallconsequentdamageorlossfortheentireusecycleofthelaptopthefee willbefullcostofrepair

Seniors must clear all records and pay all fees before participating in graduation ceremonies.

4. Loss or Damage:
Inthe caseoftheft, vandalism,andothercriminalacts,apolicereportMUSTbefiledbythe Student/Parent within48hours of the occurrence. Incidents happening off campus must be reported to the police by the parent and a copy of the report is broughtto theschool. Intheevent thecomputer islostorstolen,theStudent/Parent willbebilledthefullcostof replacement. Student will becharged the Fair Market Value of the laptop without a policereport. Students/Parents are responsibleforreasonablecostofrepairorreplacement of deliberatelydamaged or lostlaptops,chargers,andbags.

Fair Market Value

Age of Laptop Value: 1 year or less $ 1000. 2 years $ 900.
3 years $ 800.

4 years $ 600.

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Graham High School Student/Parent Laptop Agreement



Any student whoviolatestheseruleswillbesubjectto disciplinaryaction.Laptoptakenbyadministrationmaybereimaged and the student charged $25.00 to regain the laptop. Re-imaging the laptop will result in the loss of ALL personal data. Seriousorrepeated violationswillresultinthestudent’s useoftechnologyrestrictand/orrevoked.

1) NoBagViolation: Anystudentfoundnotusingtheirsuppliedcomputerbagwillhavetheirlaptoptakenandpayafineof $10. ALL infractions will result in a discipline including detention and loss of home use for 10 school days.

2) FoodordrinkViolation:AnystudentMacBookfoundonatablewithanyfoodordrinkwillhavetheirlaptoptakenand payafineof$10.ALL infractions will result in a discipline eincludingdetentionandlossofhomeusefor 10 schooldays.

3) UnattendedMacBook Violation:AnyunattendedstudentMacBookfoundwillbetakentotheMacShop,andpayafine of$10.ALL infractionswillresultinadisciplineincludingdetentionandlossofhomeusefor 10 schooldays.


  •   Treatthisequipmentwithasmuchcareasifitwereyourownproperty.

  •   Keep the equipment clean.

  •   Only use laptops on a clean hard elevated surface.

  •   BringthelaptopfullychargedtoGISDduringeveryschoolday.(LoanersareNOTprovided.)

  •   Laptop bags must have the GISD supplied nametag attached at all times.

  •   Chargers should NOT be brought to school (this reduces expense due unnecessary ware and tare)

  •   Laptops can be left on around the clock. RESTARTING ONE TIME PER WEEK IS RECOMMENDED.

  •   Keepthelaptopstoredinasecureplace(i.e.,lockedinthelockerroomorothersuitableplace)whenyoucannotdirectly

    monitorit.Forexample,duringathleticevents,games,practicesandtrips,storethecomputer inasecureplaceassigned

    by your coach/sponsor and arrangeto return to school to retrieve it after the activity.

  •   Laptopsleftinbagsandbackpacks,orinunattendedclassroomsareconsidered“unattended”andmaybeconfiscatedby

    schoolpersonnelasaprotectionagainsttheft.Unattended andunlockedequipment, ifstolen –even atschool–willbe

    your full financial responsibility.

  •   Avoiduseinsituationsthatareconducivetolossordamage.Forexample,neverleavelaptopinschoolvehicles,inthe

    gym, in a locker room, on playing fields or in other areas where it could be damaged or stolen.

  •   Avoid storing the laptop in a car other than in a locked trunk. Avoid leaving the laptop in environments with excessively

    hot or cold temperatures. For example, warm days make very hot cars or starting up the laptop when it is cold causing

    condensation inside the laptop.

  •   Do not let anyone use your assigned laptop other than your parents or guardians. Loss or damage that occurs when

    anyone else is using your assigned computer will be your full responsibility.

  •   Adhere to GISD Student Acceptable Use Policy at all times and in all locations.

  •   Followgeneral careandmaintenancealertsfromschooltechnologypersonnel.

  •   DO NOT leave equipment in an unlocked car or unlocked home.

  •   DONOTleaveequipmentunattended orunlockedwhileatschoolorelsewhere.

  •   DO NOT lend equipment to anyone except one’s parents.

  •   DONOTuseequipmentinanunsafeenvironment.

  •   DO NOT Attempt to change the configuration of the laptop.

  •   DONOTsharepasswordsorusernameswithothers

  •   DONOTvideotapestafforstudentswithouttheirconsentorknowledge, thisincludes:webcams,laptops,cameras,cell

    phones or any other digital devices

  •   Students may bring in their own laptops from home to use at school only with approval by the Technology Staff or

    building Principal.

Graham High School Student/Parent Laptop Agreement

7. General Care
DONOTattempt toremoveorchangethephysicalstructureofthelaptop,includingthekeys,screen,orcasing. Student/Parent will beresponsiblefor 100 percent of the repair or replacement cost. Here are some examples:

  •   Keysarerippedoff

  •   Charging port is pulled back out after it has been pushed in, not allowing the laptop to take a charge.

  •   Do not remove or interfere with the serial number or any identification placed on the laptop or charger.

  •   NEVER use or set the laptop on the floor. Only use laptops on a clean hard elevated surface.

  •   Don’t have food or drink on the same table when using the computer.

  •   Do not do anything to the laptop that will permanently alter it in any way.

  •   Do not put stickers or use any type of markers on the laptop.

  •   Laptop skins may be used but must be approved by the GHS Technology and the following guidelines must be followed:

  •   Laptop skins purchased must fit the computer properly: Apple MacBook Air 13 inch.

8. Screen Care

Thecomputer screencanbeeasilydamagedifpropercareisnottaken.Never leaveanyobjectonthekeyboard.Pens,pencils orcordleftonthekeyboardareguaranteedtocrackthescreenwhen thelidisclosed.Screensareparticularlysensitiveto damagefromexcessivepressure.Donottouchthecomputerscreenwithanything(e.g., yourfinger,pen,pencil,etc.)other than approved computer screen cleaners. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER (e.g. Windex). Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens. The MacShop supplies cleaner wipes.

9. How To Handle Problems

Promptly report any problems to the GISD Technology Staff or Technology Coordinator. Don’t force anything (e.g., connections, popped-off keys). Seek help instead. When in doubt, ask for help in the MacShop.

10. Repossession

IfyoudonottimelyandfullycomplywithalltermsofthisAgreement, includingthetimelyreturnoftheproperty,theDistrict shallbeentitledtodeclareyouindefaultandcometoyourplaceofresidence,orother locationoftheproperty,totake possession of the property.

11. Term of Agreement:

Your right to use and possession of the property terminates not later than the last day of the school year unless earlier terminated by the Districtor upon withdrawal fromthe District.

12. Appropriation:

Yourfailuretoreturntheproperty inatimelymanner andthecontinueduseofitfornon-schoolpurposeswithoutthe District’s consent may be considered unlawful appropriation of the District’s property.

13. Unacceptable / Illegal File Sharing

The installation and/or use of any Internet- based file-sharing tools is explicitly prohibited. File-sharing programs and protocols like Popcorn time and other Torrents are prohibited. Illegal sharing of copyrighted material (music, video and images) is strictly prohibited.

14. Classroom Assignments and Websites

Classesmayhaveonlineassignmentspostedon theGISDwebsitewhichcanbeaccessedthroughanycomputer withInternet Access. Talk with your student’s teachers about the availability of coursework and assignments on the Districts’ website.

15. InternetSafety

There are many sites on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous to minors. These sites are blocked while students are logged on to the Districtnetwork, but may be unprotected at home.
Students are in violation of district policy if they access these sites through proxies. Parents may want to restrict their home access. Reference GISD Website: Internet Safety Tips for Parents

16. Screensavers


Inappropriatemedia may not be used as a screensaver.Presence of weapons, pornographic materials,inappropriate

Graham High School Student/Parent Laptop Agreement

language, alcohol, drugs, gang-related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions.

17. Sound

Sound will be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes. No headphones except for instructional purposes.

18. Deleting Files

Do not delete any system folders or files that you did not create or that you do not recognize. Deletion of certain files wil l resultincomputer failureandwillinterferewithyourabilitytocompleteclassworkandmayaffectyourgrades.

19. Music, Games, or Programs

  •   Any music downloaded or streamed over the Internet must be appropriate as per District policy.

  •   Any games streamed over the Internet must be appropriate as per Districtpolicy.

  •   Decisions regarding appropriate music and games will be at the discretion of the Campus Administration and the GISD

    Technology Department.

  •   Wasting school resources through the improper use of the computer system(s) is NOT allowed.

  •   All software on the system must be District approved and installed by the Technology Department.

  •   All copyrightlaws will beenforced.

  •   There is a $25 re-imaging chargeto remove any of the above items. Re-imaging the laptop will result in the loss of ALL

    personal data.
    20. Unauthorized Access

    Reference District and Student AUP

    21. Transporting Laptops

  •   Laptops must be transported ONLY in school-provided bags.

  •   Laptop bags must have the GISD supplied nametag attached at all times.

  •   Laptops do NOT have to be shut down (turned off) between classes.

  •   Laptops should be fully charged prior to arriving at school each day.

  •   Chargers should NOT be brought to school

  •   Laptops can be left on around the clock. RESTARTING ONE TIME PER WEEK IS RECOMMENDED.

  •   Laptops areNOT to be used whileon the school bus


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