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Laptop Signature Page

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Before receiving a laptop from Graham High School, all the information below must be complete. A laptop will not be issued until all three items are checked by a GHS official.

___________     This page is signed by both student and parent (bring to laptop pickup)

 ___________     All fines are paid

___________     Computer Usage Fee is paid * CASH ONLY

___________     Complete all on-line forms



$10   * Based on Lunch Status




I have reviewed and I agree to the:

  • •   Graham High School Student/Parent Laptop Agreement
  • •   GISD Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and Electronic Communication System.
  • •   Graham High School Computer Violation Overview
  • •   I understand that any violation of the rules or procedures may result in my child not having access to the equipment for use away from District facilities.
  • •   I also understand that I assume accountability and responsibility for the cost required for repair or replacement of issued equipment in the event it is damaged, lost, or not returned.

Please Print Student Name:  ______________________________________


Student Signature:   _____________________________________ Date    ______________ 


Parent Signature:     _____________________________________ Date    ______________ 

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