Career Information


Our goal is for every graduate from Graham High School to find a career in which they can be happy and satisfied.  Students have opportunities to receive feedback on career interests and aptitudes by taking the KUDER or the Career Cruising assessment online.  Students also may select classes while in high school that develop career interests and help them discern which career areas seem to be a “better fit”.  As we implement the new graduation plans, students will select endorsements and follow a course sequence in a career pathway accordingly. Students may access the KUDER through the Achieve Texas web site listed below, and they may access Career Cruising by using the web address and login information given below.  We have also provided additional tools which may be accessed on line to help students make good career choices.  Contact the counselors if you have questions about student career choices.

www.tbecachievetexas.org - KUDER - Texas career planning information

www.careercruising.com - Username:  nctc

                                           Password:   gocenter

www.collegefortexans – College major and career planning information

http://www.texasrealitycheck.com/ - Interactive to explore income potential

texasgenuine.com - Explore career fields and college programs

http://thetexasnetwork.org/ - Connect to online professional development resources

www.actstudent.org – College major matching and career inventory follow-up

www.lifeafterhighschool.com – Career interest inventory

www.princetonreview.com – Information on college majors and careers

www.ncsu.ed/careerkey/ - Information on college majors and careers